Samsung Galaxy S9 tipped to cost exactly £100 more than Galaxy S8 in the UK

We’re less than three weeks away from Samsung’s official pre-MWC 2018 announcement of the Galaxy S9 and S9+, with pre-orders likely following on March 1 or 2, and a central piece of the puzzle is still missing.

While you may be under the impression you know everything there is to know about the chaebol’s two next-gen flagship phones, pricing rumors have actually been few and far between. In Korea, the “regular” variant, with a single albeit spectacular rear camera and 4GB RAM, is expected to cost roughly 6 percent more than the smaller GS8 a year ago.

You probably assumed that price hike pretty much applied to the whole world, but an “exclusive source in the UK mobile phone deals industry” tells TechRadar Brits are in for a heftier increase. Namely, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is tipped to start at around £789 outright in the UK, up exactly one hundred quid from the S8’s original MSRP.

That converts to over $1,100, although there’s no way US buyers will be charged such an insane amount of money for an “entry-level” GS9 configuration with 64GB internal storage and a 5.8-inch “Infinity Display.” Instead, we are very curious and, frankly, a little scared to see where Samsung might be planning to take the $725 list price of the Galaxy S8 stateside. Or rather how high it can get. $775? $800? $825?

What about the Galaxy S9+, with its essentially confirmed dual rear-facing camera setup and 6GB RAM? Could that 6.2-inch powerhouse fetch £900 or so on British shores, and around $1,000 in the US? Most likely, although TechRadar’s source believes “last year’s massively inflated smartphone prices” have “shown that there are plenty of people out there willing to pay these higher prices.” Are you one of them?

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