Samsung Galaxy S9 specs may have been revealed by this legit-looking retail box

Samsung had a relatively discreet presence at CES 2018, despite rumors from a couple of months back that the Galaxy S9 could make a surprise Las Vegas appearance this week ahead of a commercial March rollout.

It’s practically set in stone now that the chaebol’s next-gen Android flagship duo, which we’ve already seen rendered based on factory CADs, will debut at the Mobile World Congress in late February. But if you had trouble piecing together the spec sheet from all these different sources, rumors and reports of late, check out the above picture.

It tells you almost everything you need to know about the “regular” Samsung Galaxy S9, and although its authenticity is impossible to confirm without a shred of doubt, it sure looks like a real-life retail box.

The hands-on pic also largely corroborates the most credible gossip out there, including the presence of only 4GB RAM and a single rear-facing camera. Expect the Galaxy S9+ to adopt one of them trendy dual shooter setups, and upgrade the memory count to a full 6 gigs.

Still, there’s every reason to be excited about the 5.8-inch (or 5.6) Galaxy S9 too, as its new “Super Speed” Dual Pixel 12MP OIS camera seemingly gets variable aperture as a key and unique selling point.

That means the GS9 will be capable of extra-wide, industry-leading f/1.5 aperture in low-light environments actually requiring such super-advanced technology to produce crisp, bright snapshots, automatically switching to f/2.4 if the surrounding conditions are already adequate for sharp photography-taking.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will finally, finally also adopt a stereo speaker arrangement, predictably tuned by AKG, with AKG-tuned earphones also provided in the box as standard.

The rest of the revealed features don’t exactly sound surprising, with Super Slow-mo video recording capabilities already rumored a few times, and IP68 water and dust resistance, iris recognition, 64GB internal storage, wireless charging and an 8MP selfie camera basically Xeroxing what the Galaxy S8 offered last year.

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