Samsung offers big discounts and free DeX Pad with AT&T-locked Galaxy S9 and S9+

Best Buy has offered some of the greatest Galaxy S9 and S9+ deals so far (BOGO affairs and trade-in arrangements not included), but now it’s Samsung’s turn to heavily discount its own flagship phones of the latest generation without (many) strings attached.

All you need to do is shop for AT&T-locked variants on the Korean device manufacturer’s official US e-store, and choose between paying in full for the handsets upfront or 24 monthly installments with $0 down and no interest.

You’re looking at solid savings of $150 on the smaller model with 4GB RAM and a single rear-facing camera, and $200 off the larger version’s list price featuring 2 extra gigs of memory and an additional shooter, no matter which of the two aforementioned options you go for.

Instead of $719.99, the Galaxy S9 will now set you back $569.99, or $23.75 a month for two years. Meanwhile, the S9+ is marked down from $839.99 to $639.99, or $26.67 a month. Better yet, both phones qualify for DeX Pad gifts even at their substantially reduced prices, and the only “catch” is still that you need to activate these ultra-high-end new phones on AT&T.

Separately, a DeX Pad dock is worth $99.99, so all in all, you’ll be saving at least 250 bucks here, and as much as $300. That still doesn’t beat Best Buy’s top bargain with Verizon monthly installments, but it’s better than the retailer’s current deal, which offers $200 savings on the S9 and $300 on the S9+ after bill credits.

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