Samsung Galaxy S9+ seemingly gets benchmarked with 4GB RAM, but don’t panic just yet

For a company that used to love taking risks, pushing the stylus like no other and making phablets mainstream, Samsung took an unusually long time to embrace a couple of recent smartphone market trends.

But now that dual camera Galaxy flagships with 6GB RAM are among us, there’s no turning back. Right? Let’s just say it’s wise to keep your options open, and don’t be certain of anything about the impending Galaxy S9 at this point in the development process.

Mass production might be underway soon, but we’re unlikely to gain confirmation on key specifications until next year. In the meantime, it’s intriguing to see a possible Galaxy S9+ prototype prematurely benchmarked over at Geekbench, although all that “revealed” information must be viewed with skepticism.

The SM-G965F model number definitely fits the description of a sequel for this spring’s GS8+, aka SM-G955F, and it’s also extremely plausible that a Samsung Galaxy S9+ would run Android 8.0, as well as pack an Exynos 9810 processor tipped by the “universal9810” motherboard.

What doesn’t make a lot of sense is the use of 4GB RAM, not to mention ridiculously low single and multi-core performance scores of around 1200 and 2800 points, compared to the regular S8’s tallies of 2000 and 6600 points or so respectively.

All in all, we could be looking at a (fairly elaborated) hoax here, or this may just be a very early version of Samsung’s “next big thing”, with unstable software and unfinished hardware. Besides, would it be so terrible if the world got both 4 and 6GB RAM configurations of this bad boy?

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