Samsung brilliantly taunts Apple yet again with hilarious new Galaxy S9 ad

Samsung has a long history of savagely, brazenly and sometimes tastelessly mocking arch-rival Apple in hilarious and often elaborate advertising campaigns, but very few commercials over the years have managed to hit the spot quite as flawlessly as 2017’s notch parody.

To celebrate tomorrow’s launch of Galaxy S9 and S9+ variants with 128 and 256GB internal storage, the world’s top smartphone vendor decided to build upon the enormous popularity of the “Growing Up” ad spot.

Enter “Moving On”, a 60-second clip promoting the Galaxy S9 duo at the expense of the competition in the same vein as last fall’s huge viral hit. Now, this doesn’t happen very often in Hollywood, but dare we say it, Samsung may well have produced a better, funnier sequel than an already outstanding original.

The universally praised GS9 is basically pitted against an archaic iPhone 6, which seems counterintuitive and completely unfair… until you realize exactly what Samsung is getting at. Spoiler alert – it’s something that made a lot of headlines since December.

The beauty of the new advert is that it manages to highlight so many key selling points of Samsung’s latest flagship handsets without coming off as pompous or phony. Sure, the main focus is on speed, but water resistance, display performance and other features are also casually and effectively showcased. In just 60 seconds. Oh, and the notch haircut is spreading. Brilliant!

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