Same old story? Samsung Galaxy S9 could debut in January, launch globally in February

We interrupt our obligatory in-depth coverage of every little thing unveiled at IFA 2017 in Berlin, from phones to convertible tablets to wearables to smart speakers, for some gossip out of Korea that’s likely to sound awfully familiar to hardcore Samsung Mobile fans.

Every fall and winter, anonymous insiders claim the next-gen Galaxy S flagship is planned for a premature launch to better resist the latest iPhone offensive, while spring and summer typically bring us speculative reports of Note-series production rush.

But these types of rumors almost never pan out, and we don’t see any reason why the Galaxy S9 situation would be different early next year. After all, Samsung believes in the “Infinity Display” 6.3-incher’s potential, right?

Of course, the iPhone 8 is shaping up like an unprecedented entry into Apple’s always successful iOS handset family, so the Galaxy S8’s sequel could well see daylight in January, as Korean media suggests. Especially if no radical redesign is in the pipeline.

Apparently, Samsung Galaxy S9 OLED panel shipments are currently slated to begin in November, while the S8’s beautiful screens were barely ready for primetime this past January.

A number of other components may still hold back the purported mid-February global rollout of the chaebol’s “next big thing”, though there doesn’t seem to be much room for innovation in key hardware departments. Not yet, at least. So, yeah, it sounds like the same old (false) story, but you shouldn’t rule it out until we see how the Galaxy Note 8 actually performs commercially.

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