Synaptics breakthrough strongly hints at Galaxy S9 in-display fingerprint sensor

Forget everything you thought you knew about Samsung’s impending Galaxy S9 duo, and allow yourself to dream of an “invisible” fingerprint reader yet again. That’s right, we may not have to wait for the Galaxy Note 9 to finally adopt a screen-embedded biometric authentication method sometime in the fall of 2018.

Synaptics Incorporated, the self-described “pioneer and leader of the human interface revolution”, has been able to iron out the kinks of a groundbreaking in-display fingerprint recognition solution initially meant for the Galaxy S8.

The technology is now in mass production “with a top five OEM”, and a live demonstration will be taking place at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in just a few weeks on a “full-production, soon to be announced Tier 1 customer phone.”

The top five OEM and Tier 1 phone are obviously not named in the latest press release from the “leading developer of human interface solutions”, but Synaptics isn’t exactly subtle in repeatedly invoking “infinity displays”, which is a marketing term used exclusively by Samsung to describe the chaebol’s 2017 flagships.

It’s thus very possible the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be the world’s first handsets to commercially deliver “one-touch high-resolution scanning through full cover glass and enable sleek, button-free, bezel-free infinity displays.”

Samsung and Synaptics could beat Vivo and Qualcomm to market with their Clear ID FS9500 partnership, and offer unrivaled biometric speed, convenience and security. Yup, it sounds like Apple has something to be worried about after all, as the new Clear ID optical fingerprint sensors are billed as twice as fast as existing 3D facial recognition technology. “Highly secure” as well, not to mention extremely easy to set up, with “magical” one-touch/one-step authentication “directly in the touchscreen display area of smartphones.” Uncomfortable rear-mounted fingerprint scanner begone!

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