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MWC 2018 is officially underway today, but the talk of the town is still Samsung’s madly anticipated Galaxy S9 announcement from yesterday. As expected, the “next big thing” looks an awful lot like the company’s previous flagship phone, focusing above all on bringing a tremendous amount of innovation to an already awesome camera.

The refined 5.8-incher our own Jaime Rivera had the honor of taking for a quick spin in Barcelona shortly after the Unpacked event still features a single rear-facing shooter.

But this time, it’s a unit marketed with a flamboyant Super Speed label, capable among others of Super Slow-motion video recording at 960 frames per second in HD resolution. Samsung may not be the first OEM to support that particular capture mode on a mobile device, but it’s definitely the world’s first to integrate automatically adjusted aperture technology.

Better still, the wide F1.5 specification sets a new standard for nighttime photography, at least on paper. We’ll obviously need to spend more time with the “regular” Galaxy S9 to see how Dual Aperture works in critical real-world scenarios. And to make up our mind regarding the convenience of the AR Emoji function.

We also intend to thoroughly test those long overdue stereo speakers, see if 4GB RAM is enough for a 2018 high-ender, and give Bixby another chance to impress. For the time being, let’s just say the Galaxy S9 feels familiar while brimming with groundbreaking potential.

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