New report backs up Galaxy S9 announcement date, rejects Huawei P20 MWC possibility

While it’s no longer a secret that Samsung intends to unveil the Galaxy S9 and S9+ at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, the official “Unpacked” event date is still very much up in the air.

Then again, Evan Blass recently tweeted a full “go-to-market schedule” after talking to a “C-level executive at a major casemaker”, which sounded like the closest thing we’d get to a confirmation for at least a couple more weeks.

But now a reputable Korean publication lends further credence to the February 25 announcement rumor, also narrowing down the exact time of the launch party. Expect the shindig to take place sometime in the afternoon in Barcelona that Sunday, which makes perfect sense, as it would allow Samsung’s US fans to follow the event with their morning coffee.

The Galaxy S9 might be able to easily hog the MWC 2018 spotlight too, as LG is once again rumored to bring a “derivative” V30 instead of an all-new G7 to the European trade show. This could carry a revised name, “inherit the existing V30 design and modify only some functions”, such as artificial intelligence.

Samsung will likely face no opposition from Huawei either, as the Chinese company is too busy trying to “overcome internal and external challenges such as preparing for entry into the US smartphone market, stabilizing supply-demand of next-generation chipsets, and improving triple camera quality.”

A European Huawei P20 launch event is currently tipped for April, by which point the GS9 duo will definitely be out worldwide, making it rather hard for the P10’s sequel to achieve mainstream success.

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