No notch for Galaxy S9, but Samsung reportedly plans to go after Animoji with ‘3D Emoji’

While Samsung is definitely not following Huawei’s suit in following Apple’s “notched” flagship smartphone design direction, at least not yet, word around the water cooler today is the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will still look to “borrow” and possibly polish one of the iPhone X’s standout features.

We’re talking about TrueDepth camera-enabling Animoji, aka animated emoji, which currently come in 12 variations, with the impending iOS 11.3 software update aiming to add four more.

Samsung’s so-called “3D Emoji” functionality, which may get an entirely different official name on February 25, is reportedly “more advanced” than the original Animoji technology, similarly letting Galaxy S9 users create 3D characters based on their faces, but likely supporting finer movements and expressions.

None of that would be possible without a majorly enhanced 3D facial recognition system, confirmed by ET News today as improving biometric security in combination with iris recognition. Yup, it sounds like you’ll be able to perform an “Intelligent Scan” to authorize mobile payments without headaches or hassle.

Another elite Samsung Galaxy S9 feature you may not have realized was coming is stereo sound produced by two speakers located at the top and bottom of the device. Not below the screen, mind you, where space is far too constrained, but according to an unverified source talking to SamMobile recently, the stereo speakers will be tuned by AKG, also featuring dual Dolby Surround technology.

Of course, there’s plenty more to like about the S9 and S9 Plus, based on existing inside information, including a dual rear-facing camera for the latter, variable aperture provided by the primary shooter on both models, super-slow-motion video recording, a repositioned fingerprint reader, more versatile DeX Pad companion, and greatly evolved Bixby digital assistant.

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