It’s time for another epic in-depth video comparison between the brand-new phone that’s already shaping up to be Android’s 2017 bestseller and a remarkably strong underdog. This time, an aging premium “mid-ranger”, which should make Samsung’s win a total walk in the park.

Right? Right? Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Sure, the Galaxy S8 pulls off a stunning design achievement, squeezing more screen into a significantly shorter, thinner and overall smaller package than a OnePlus 3T that itself looked pretty sleek at launch.

It’s also needless to get into all the extra stuff brought to the table by the pricier device, including iris recognition, expandable storage and water resistance. But here’s the thing you may find a little hard to believe that our own Juan Bagnell swears by – the newer, technically faster processor inside the Galaxy S8 doesn’t make much of a real-world difference.

In fact, if anything, through a combination of added RAM and some simple software wizardry, the OnePlus 3T often feels smoother and more fluid in a variety of practical use cases. Not to mention how the “flagship killer” obliterates its uber-popular opponent as far as both battery endurance and recharge times are concerned.

Still, courtesy of a handy camera win and small lead in audio performance, as well as the aforementioned advantages, the Galaxy S8 takes the overall victory. The question is will that be enough to justify a massive price gap? Your call at the end of the day.

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