Samsung Galaxy S8 sales described as ‘going smoothly’, having already exceeded 5 million units

Samsung might be figuratively reaching for infinity and beyond with the near bezel-less displays of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, but when it comes to the two’s literal, real-world success, the numbers are very finite.

Unfortunately, the “detailed figures” remain under wraps, in keeping with company tradition, though the chaebol can reveal the “combined sales already are beyond 5 million units”, going “smoothly around the globe.”

We’re guessing “beyond” 5 million units means less than 6 mil, which sounds like a nice enough start to the flagship phones’ commercial global run but perhaps a little short of record-breaking form outside Korea.

Domestically, as well as stateside and in Canada, the Galaxy S8 duo debuted almost a month ago, expanding relatively swiftly across the old continent, and aiming to cover a grand total of roughly 120 countries worldwide by the end of May, including at long last China.

It’s obviously hard to compare this 5M+ tally with early box-office scores of previous Galaxy S releases, which themselves depended on the number of markets they catered to and how quickly they managed to spread out. Worse yet, we don’t have a lot of past official data. But we do know the Note 7 shipped in around 4.3 million copies before its premature discontinuation, and back in the day, Samsung flaunted 6 million Galaxy S4 sales just 15 days after launch.

Still, analysts expect the S8 and S8 Plus to hit 20M by the end of June, and go on to rack up anywhere between 50 and 60 mil for the year, thus eclipsing the S7’s recent accomplishment.

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