Samsung Galaxy S8 could still get ‘small’ showcase in February, presumably at MWC

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors already came full circle with a flat-screened variant back on the table last week, and so, it’s only fitting that a February or March launch also become a possibility once again just when we were prepared to accept a slightly longer wait than usual.

Basically, we’ve returned to a point in the “next big thing’s” lead-up where everything’s possible, nothing’s set in stone, and all we can do is stay patient. Continuum for Android? It could happen. No headphone jack? It pains us to say it, but it’s definitely within the realms of possibility as well.

Optional S Pen, system-wide Bixby integration, personal assistant activation via a dedicated physical button, 8GB RAM, screens measuring anywhere between 5 and 6 inches, with or without bezels, fingerprint scanners embedded in or rear-fitted, and so on, and so forth.

Don’t rule out anything, don’t bet the farm on anything. “Industry sources” keep the suspense going as far as a timeline is concerned too, now hinting at a Galaxy S8 “showcase a month or two ahead of the actual release date.” Showcase, mind you, not commercial rollout, although a “small number of handsets” might be finished in time for Mobile World Congress demos.

That sounds exciting on one hand, but on the other, having to wait up to two months for an actual launch isn’t very cool.

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