Working Galaxy S8 and S8+ caught on (blurry) video, sharper hands-on pics also leaked

Only one upcoming phone is big enough (both literally and figuratively) to interrupt a seemingly endless stream of hot MWC 2017 product announcements, and believe it or not, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is caught on video in the flesh mere hours after the company (vaguely) teased its almost non-existent bezels, also confirming that “Unpacked” event date.

Sounds like a controlled leak (well, two, to be exact) to us, although we obviously can’t be sure we’re looking at the actual, legit, fast-approaching GS8 here. It could always be an early internal unit developed for testing purposes, with Samsung at one point reportedly evaluating around a dozen possible designs.

Seeing as how the screen borders are indeed minimal, we feel pretty confident this is in fact an advanced pre-production copy of the next big thing, unfortunately showing the back cloaked in a protective cover, leaving the camera-and-fingerprint combo visible for a split second… or two.

Alongside a larger Galaxy S8+ that gets the bulk of the hands-on action, a smaller but equally eye-catching regular model just sits around, looking all pretty, dual-curved, nearly edgeless and… itself ready for primetime, working software and everything.

Finally, a bunch of clearer new Samsung Galaxy S8 photos include close-ups of the face, both sides and rear cover, ugly case still in tow, with yet another hard-to-fake snapshot of the awkward fingerprint reader placement. That’s all, folks, and you have to wonder what’s left to discuss and rumormonger for an entire month.

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