Samsung Galaxy S8 price and availability details are here; S8+ too

While Samsung kept things vague in terms of availability upon officially announcing the Galaxy S8 and S8+, merely stating the two hot new phones are globally launching on April 21 in a “rich color palette”, US carriers were very quick to go into detail.

In a nutshell, pre-orders kick off nationwide in just a few hours, i.e. at 12:01AM ET on March 30, with stock due to pop up in physical stores on April 21, and full retail pricing ranging from $720 to $850.

That’s not so wildly expensive, and of course, there are freebies and deal sweeteners to be had all around. Verizon will charge $30 and $35 per month for two years for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ respectively, amounting to $720 and $840 totals, bundling a Gear VR with controller and Oculus content for no extra fee with every order. Alternatively, you can pay $99 instead of a whopping $550 for the aforementioned Controller Bundle plus a pair of premium Harman Kardon headphones and a 256GB microSD card.

AT&T’s Galaxy S8 price structure is not vastly different, with the “regular” version setting you back $750 overall, and the Plus-sized model available at $850. The same Gear VR headset, controller and Oculus content come free for AT&T subscribers as well, which can also BOGO the GS8 duo. That’s right, buy one of these bad boys from Ma Bell, and the second one (of equal or lower value) is free after credits.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile’s $750 and $850 FRPs are easy to divide in $30 monthly payments with $30 down for the Galaxy S8 and $130 for the S8 Plus, special Gear VR package included. Daughter operator MetroPCS has no pre-sales scheduled, but it will join the April 21 release party anyway, asking $729 of prepaid-loving Galaxy S8 buyers.

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