Galaxy S8 and S8+ are officially released to ‘global markets’, and there’s no carrier branding on US variants

A little over two weeks after the beginning of LG’s G6 “global” rollout, Samsung is making a very similar announcement today, as the highly anticipated Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagship Android phones are technically released worldwide.

But shipments have already begun across the chaebol’s homeland, where pre-order numbers exceeded even the most optimistic predictions, smashing all of the family and company’s previous records. At least one major US carrier also jumped the gun sending out a few units to some lucky early adopters, and folks on British shores were promised April 21 delivery as well if they got in on the pre-sales fun.

For its part, Samsung simply states the Galaxy S8 pair is officially available in four markets at the moment (US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Korea), rolling out to “additional markets in the weeks ahead.” We told you the announcement was eerily similar to LG’s.

Bargain hunters stateside should check out US Cellular, where the “Infinity Display” high-end handhelds are free of charge… after bill credits, while Sprint and AT&T can cut you decent BOGO deals with a few strings attached. Otherwise, the S8 and S8+ are up for grabs through Best Buy, no matter your choice of operator, as well as from Verizon or T-Mobile directly.

Speaking of carriers, Samsung has a nice surprise in store for everyone who hates their invasive branding on products. Which is probably everyone in the US. There will be no Verizon or AT&T logos on S8 models sold by and locked to their respective service providers, further contributing to the premium, clean look of these super-sleek devices.

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