While we’ve known the approximate dimensions of the still-upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus for over a month, and their exact measurements since the following week, a very important piece of the size puzzle only now falls neatly into place.

No reason you should struggle to visualize the highly anticipated next-gen flagships alongside predecessors, ill-fated relatives, as well as current and previous-gen rivals. CAD render specialist Steve Hemmerstoffer, which you probably know best by his @OnLeaks handle, hooks us up with a flurry of self-explanatory sketches, putting Samsung’s design work these past few months into perspective.

At 148.90 x 68 mm and 159 x 74 mm respectively, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are predictably more compact all in all than the iPhone 7 Plus, despite even the smaller model accommodating extra screen real estate.

It also comes as no surprise to see the regular 5.8-inch or so Galaxy S8 squeeze into an extremely similar body to that of the 5.1-inch (!!!) S7. Meanwhile, the Note 7 would have been just as narrow but significantly shorter than the Galaxy S8+ were it not for the random explosions and safety hazards.

Things get truly interesting when comparing the GS8 to a fellow bezel slayer, namely the LG G6, and yes, the two will likely feel the same in your hand. The gargantuan S8+ looks big even next to Google’s Pixel XL, undercutting just the width of the Nexus 6P. With a 6.2-inch, not 5.5 or 5.7, display in tow, mind you.

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