Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ jointly win ‘Best Smartphone’ title at 2017 Asia Mobile Awards

Are Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ the best smartphones in the world right now? If so, will they remain in the global lead even after the Note 8 launches, not to mention Apple’s super-highly anticipated iPhone 8?

Hard to say, but according to the prestigious GSM Association (GSMA), the GS8 duo makes up at the very least the gold standard in mobile “achievement, excellence and innovation” across the Asia Pacific region.

After naming the chaebol’s Galaxy S7 Edge the world’s overall best 2016 smartphone, as well as choosing the Sony Xperia XZ Premium over the LG G6 as the best new device unveiled at MWC 2017 back in February, the GSMA announced the winners of the 2017 Asia Mobile Awards yesterday, officially kicking off the slightly lesser known MWC Shanghai too.

This is the trade show that just brought us Qualcomm’s latest fingerprint recognition breakthroughs, mind you, so of course it’s an honor for Samsung to headline its list of AMA recipients. A fairly predictable honor, but an honor nonetheless.

Besides, the panel of “leading” journalists, analysts and market influencers judging the “Best Smartphone” category probably didn’t take sales numbers into consideration when comparing the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with top heavyweight contenders like the aforementioned Xperia XZ Premium, LG G6 or HTC U11. Instead, a “wide array of criteria ranging from physical design and UX to performance, simplicity of use, value for money and sheer innovation” came into play.

The HTC Vive, meanwhile, took home the “Disruptive Device Innovation” title, and Huawei prevailed in the “Best IoT Innovation for Mobile Networks” section. No crown for LG, Sony or China’s rising stars.

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