Comprehensive report details Samsung Galaxy S8 ‘infinity’ display, AI features, ‘desktop extension’, and more

Well, rumormongers, gossip boys and girls, and all you mobile leaks buffs out there, it looks like we may have finally hit the mother lode. While Samsung’s efforts to contain unauthorized pre-release Galaxy S8 information spills have so far succeeded in keeping the actual phone’s design under wraps, it’s getting easier and easier to simply close our eyes and visualize the “next big thing.”

Reputable British newspaper The Guardian is in a position to “confirm” a wealth of previously rumored intel after speaking to several credible sources on condition of anonymity due to “their relationships with Samsung”, double-checking every little juicy tidbit, and detailing a few things we didn’t know much about until now.

Yes, the Galaxy S8 is apparently coming in two sizes, ranging anywhere from 5 to 6 inches, with virtually no display borders, no frontal company logo, just an iris scanner, and fingerprint recognition technology moved to the back of the device.

There’s no flat-screened variant in the pipeline, according to these particular insiders, no plans for dual rear camera adoption, and fortunately, no intention to join the headphone jack-killing initiative.

Bixby’s name couldn’t be corroborated, but a big AI push is guaranteed, with the familiar-sounding “duo pixel” snapper indeed capable of object recognition in addition to incrementally improved when talking about “image quality, low-light performance and speed.”

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will almost surely pack a 10nm-based Snapdragon 835 processor, support USB Type-C and microSD storage expansion atop of the 64GB standard digital hoarding room. Alongside new versions of the Gear VR headset and Gear 360 camera, the super-high-end phone will also come chaperoned by an optional “desktop extension” accessory called DeX.

Likened to Microsoft’s Continuum-enabled Display Docks, that may well be one of S8’s top standout features… if properly executed. Any other thoughts? Doubts? Hopes?

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