Samsung Galaxy S8 Roundup and Wishlist (Video)

The H1 2017 high-end Android smartphone wars are shaping up to be a marathon rather than a sprint, with the HTC U Ultra already out and about, LG’s G6 and Huawei’s P10 just a couple of days away from their official MWC announcements, and finally, Samsung’s “next big thing” sure to be unveiled a little later than usual.

Timing is of course not everything, as proven by the rushed and ultimately ill-fated Note 7 last fall, with Galaxy S8 development taking so long to hopefully nip all safety concerns in the bud. But the chaebol’s first ever all-curved flagship duo also needs some kind of palpable selling point to aim for the stars, i.e. new record-setting sales numbers and corporate reputation rehabilitation.

Did someone say borderless screens? Well, we’re not quite there yet, though practice makes perfect, and any small step in the right direction is more than welcome. Alas, the redesign we’ve all been waiting for comes with a divisive fingerprint reader location change.

More on that, as well as other Galaxy S8 and S8+ rumors floating around the interwebs, in Jaime Rivera’s latest rant commentary video. You can find out what Pocketnow’s Multimedia Manager is most excited about, what makes him a little nervous and skeptical of the phone’s success, and what he’d like to see Samsung improve. Now, how does your wishlist look? Sound off your own concerns, desires and reasons to be excited in the comments section below.

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