There are a lot of expectations on this phone. It’s a beautiful piece of design, helping to eclipse the memory of past missteps, and it carries a price tag demanding excellence from consumers. While a majority of the focus has been on the new display, Samsung has been a fair bit quieter about the camera technology on board. On paper, the Galaxy S8 is suspiciously similar to last year’s Galaxy S7. Will a few minor hardware differences, and a more powerful chipset, mean a more substantial upgrade to photography and video performance?

It’s time to take a DEEP dive into some camera tech! Let’s see if the Galaxy S8 is capable of fending off the newest crop of dual sensor cameras from LG, Apple, and Huawei. It’s time for the Galaxy S8 (and S8+) Real Camera Review!

We somehow managed to miss an important anniversary. Our Real Camera Review for the LG G6 actually marked our proper one year anniversary producing these camera deep dives on the Pocketnow Youtube channel. Marking the transition from one phone generation to the next. This means for the foreseeable future, phones like the Galaxy S8 can be compared against their predecessors. Watching our Galaxy S7 camera review for example, you’ll see a lot of the same sample locations that we continue to use for current devices. The Real Camera Review series still needs your support! These are a lot of work, often days worth of shooting and driving, to produce this kind of deep dive. Sharing these reviews is essential for our ability to continue producing them.

Compare the Galaxy S8 camera against other phones! Check out our Real Camera Review playlist on Youtube!

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