Pretty much every day for the past few weeks, maybe more, we’ve felt like the Galaxy S8 speculation game was winding down. It just had to, between all the visual leaks, timetable chatter and same old spec sheet rumored over and over with minimal variations.

But somehow, Samsung’s “next big thing” retains the spotlight, further building buzz and making us wonder whether the impressive LG G6 will be able to compete starting April, or if Apple won’t be too late to the almost-zero-bezel party in the fall.

Speaking of April, fresh word from The Investor’s generally reliable “industry sources” practically sets the 21st, not 28th, in stone as the commercial launch date, with pre-orders underway much sooner. Namely, on April 7, until the 17th, purportedly, and surprise, surprise, (very) early adopters could get their hands on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ on April 18.

That’s not so far off, although we’re sure the biggest dreamers out there are holding out hope for an even swifter rollout closely following the fast-approaching March 29 announcement in New York and London.

Unfortunately, it sounds like all you’re going to get is a “nationwide hands-on event right after the unveiling.” And by nation, Korean press obviously means the company’s homeland. The same probably goes for the April 7 and 18 pre-sales and shipping start dates respectively, while Samsung reportedly expects to beat the Galaxy Note 7’s 400,000 pre-order total worldwide.

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