There’s literally nothing that could surprise us anymore about the as-yet unreleased Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, which may have already broken the record for most thoroughly leaked smartphones in history.

We know how they look, when they’re supposed to arrive, as well as every single feature meant to separate them from the 2017 flagship pack, or at the very least, bring them on-par with some increasingly stiff competition.

Still, it’s always nice to gain confirmation of rumored specs and details from “people familiar with the matter” quoted by a publication as respected as Bloomberg. Also, what you see above is allegedly the “next big thing’s” official event poster, or perhaps an early draft, merely corroborating the month of the hotly anticipated launch.

A super-snazzy device with almost insignificant, smoothly arched bezels is obviously “coming soon”, sporting no less than three layers of security, according to a growing number of inside sources. You’ll get a fingerprint reader on the back, controversially positioned next to the main camera rather than below it, an iris sensor on the front, similar to that of the ill-fated Note 7, and yes, even vastly improved facial recognition.

Improved how, you ask? Bloomberg’s tipsters clarify, claiming you’ll be able to use your face for Samsung Pay authorization in addition to simply unlocking your phone. Oh, and somehow, facial detection should be faster and more accurate than an iris scanner previously said to be working on upgrading the exact same things.

Other “confirmed” features include the pre-installation of a digital assistant not based on Viv technology, a “full-screen front”, virtual home button “buried in the lower part of the glass”, and a “more power-efficient” OLED panel.

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