Samsung is ‘looking at diverse’ battery suppliers for Galaxy S8, including archrival LG

No one can build a high-end smartphone from scratch without outside help. No, not even Apple. But Samsung may have nonetheless taken too much upon itself in the R&D, quality control, and mass manufacturing Galaxy Note 7 processes.

Not only was the phablet’s battery, initially believed to be causing random explosions, supplied by daughter company Samsung SDI, with its safety tests also carried out internally. According to an iFixit teardown back when everything ran smoothly, the RAM, flash storage and Wi-Fi module were in-house creations as well. Not to mention the Exynos 8890 SoC powering the Note 7 in certain regions, and even the 14 nm Samsung FinFet-based Snapdragon 820.

Granted, there’s still no way to know if one (or several) of the aforementioned components actually led to the unfortunate device discontinuation. But whatever it was, Samsung could have probably caught the glitch earlier by using up its resources more wisely.

To ensure that won’t happen again, the Korean conglomerate has already confirmed talks with “diverse suppliers, including LG Chem” for Galaxy S8 production. Seeing as how the Galaxy Note 7 battery backup plan, China-based Amperex Technology Limited, spectacularly backfired, an LG alliance feels like a sound business call, despite a bitter historical rivalry between the two compatriots.

Still, this is merely the tip of the iceberg, as a number of “factors” and faulty parts may have contributed to both SDI and ATL batteries inside the GNote 7 overheating and catching fire.

Source: The Korea Herald

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