Samsung Galaxy S8+ leads latest Consumer Reports smartphone ratings, S8 is second, S7 Edge third

It’s settled, y’all – the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and S8 are the world’s best smartphones right now, with “stunning” cameras, long battery life, and “gorgeous” displays in “minimalist, modern and elegant” water-resistant packages.

It’s not just our top two reviewers, Juan Bagnell and Jaime Rivera, or other “biased” gadget critics around the web that say if you can afford these bad boys, and need all of their bells and whistles, you should absolutely buy them without fear of remorse.

Consumer Reports, the renowned American magazine published since 1936 by Consumers Union, an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to unbiased product testing, consumer-oriented research, public education and advocacy, feels the same way, declaring the larger Galaxy S8 Plus the mobile industry’s current top dog, followed closely by the “regular-sized” GS8.

Somewhat surprisingly, the “obsolete” Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge still wins bronze in the advertising-free association’s latest smartphone ratings, beating the newer, sleeker, hotter LG G6, as well as Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus from last fall.

Of course, Cupertino is yet to officially launch its 2017 heavyweight contenders, but given the S7 Edge’s longevity on the Consumer Reports podium, that iPhone 8, aka X, will have to be both special and well-executed to move in first place.

Besides, the Galaxy Note 8 is also coming, and we still hope this year’s S Pen-wielding monster will be able to fix the S8’s number one flaw: an “awkwardly placed”, confusing fingerprint scanner.

Otherwise, Consumer Reports almost makes the GS8 duo sound perfect, with stellar battery life test results, one five-star rear-facing shooter producing “admirable” low-light performance, comfortable designs, “lots” of screen real estate and actual, real-life water resistance. Those are all things we knew, obviously, but the publication’s 7 million subscribers, as well as other online skeptics, may choose to listen more closely to a group of experts with nothing to gain here.

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