Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs HTC U11: Battle for the shiniest smartphone (Video)

Shiny, glossy phones. One represents the best of the past in what could perhaps be considered its ultimate form. The other represents a rough draft of what our smart device future may hold for us.

There’s plenty to work with between the HTC U11 and Samsung Galaxy S8+. As you might’ve noticed, we have reviews for both on our site right now, but the mismatch in size-ups might leave you confused. Well, a 5.5-inch 16:9 screen has way less acreage than a 6.2-inch 18.5:9 panel, but the phones themselves have the same rough footprint in your pocket.

While Samsung has stumbled on delivering features and consistently steadfast software, HTC has been a bit more stubborn and locked down in its way to go about a 2017 Android device. But the most painful pinpoint is that the U11 currently costs way less than an S8+ with the MSRP gap above $200.

What goes into your calculus on who wins this dogfight? Well, Juan Carlos Bagnell has his answer in this Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs HTC U11 comparison!

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