Samsung sees higher than expected Galaxy S8+ demand, adjusts production accordingly

We can probably all agree a bigger phone isn’t automatically better, but when you get a solid 0.4 inches of extra screen real estate in a still surprisingly compact package, you might be inclined to toss away your reservations about phablets.

While it’s early days for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, it looks like the regular and plus-sized variants will essentially be tied in consumer demand. At least, that’s what “positive reaction from retailers” in Samsung’s homeland seems to suggest thus far.

Of course, the Galaxy S8 duo is yet to actually see daylight in Korea, opening pre-orders on Friday, April 7, ahead of an April 21 launch coinciding with the devices’ planned US rollout. It’s entirely possible therefore that Samsung needs to further adjust the production ratio.

At the moment, the Galaxy S8+ reportedly makes up for roughly 45 percent of the family’s total volume, up from 40 percent in mid-March, when the phones entered the mass-manufacturing phase following many months of R&D, and hopefully, rigorous quality control.

This still means the smaller 5.8-inch S8 is expected to narrowly beat its 6.2-inch brother in commercial popularity, though things could continue to change down the line. Last year, for instance, the larger Galaxy S7 Edge started off at a 30 percent ratio, which gradually increased until reaching 70 percent around the holidays, as folks lost interest in the 5.1-inch flat-screened GS7.

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