Oft-rumored 6GB RAM Galaxy S8+ ‘special edition’ coming soon to China at $1,000+

Technically, Samsung only made the Galaxy S8 and S8+ official in one configuration (each) last week, with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage space as standard. But that’s because the chaebol didn’t go into detail regarding availability, pricing and release dates for the world’s largest smartphone market.

We’ve had reason to suspect for a little while now that a special edition S8 will launch in China with souped-up RAM and ROM counts, and predictably, folks around those parts need to be ready to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Namely, the rough equivalent of $1,030 in Korean currency, according to a tech news publication in the OEM’s homeland, which should convert to around 7,100 Yuan. And no, apparently Samsung doesn’t plan to bring this top-of-the-line Galaxy S8+ SKU to Korean shores either.

Just China, where the company exclusively rolled out the 6GB RAM-packing Galaxy C9 Pro as well last fall before eventually expanding the “mid-ranger” to India.

It’s worth highlighting that your over a thousand bucks (in local currency) will buy 128 gigs of native digital hoarding room in addition to 6GB random-access memory. Still sounding excessive? As a deal sweetener, the Microsoft Continuum-inspired DeX Station will reportedly come at no extra charge. And remember, this is the larger S8 variant we’re talking about here, which isn’t cheap stateside even in a 4/64GB config.

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