Starting with the Galaxy S8, Google Play Music is the only such service pre-loaded on Samsung devices

As the developer and caretaker of the world’s most popular mobile operating system, Google has no choice but to try to keep its number one hardware-making partner happy. In turn, Samsung needs to contain its software ambitions wherever they may rival with Android and directly related services.

That includes effectively abandoning Tizen’s once mighty growth and expansion plans, as well as agreeing to the pre-installation of Google Assistant on Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones alongside Bixby. Both the chaebol and Mountain View-based search giant made a compromise there, although Samsung was quick to pull the plug on the AI button’s remapping “feature.”

Meanwhile, you can probably forget all about Samsung Music, the Korean OEM’s Google Play Music contender that already found no room on last year’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Starting today with the official “global” rollout of the GS8, not only is Play Music the “default music player and music service on new Samsung phones and tablets” worldwide, as “special features” are also provided “just for Samsung customers.”

We’re talking a free three-month trial of Google Play Music, plus double its standard storage capacity, i.e. the complimentary ability to upload and stream up to 100,000 songs instead of “only” 50K. Those aren’t exactly earth-shattering promos, but combined with bundled access to YouTube Red and native Bixby integration coming “later this spring”, they make the Galaxy S8 and Play Music a hard to resist duo for audiophiles and audio streaming enthusiasts around the world.

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