Optional S Pen possibly heading for Samsung Galaxy S8, system-wide Bixby integration also likely

With substantial Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks at least temporarily stifled, most recent speculative reports have been just that: seemingly unfounded speculation, based on the gut feelings of purported insiders rather than hard evidence or credible visual exposés.

That appears to be the case again today, as a Weibo tipster with a largely unproven track record ventures an interesting guess regarding the possible use of a stylus on a non-Note device for the first time ever.

Samsung may have not entirely abandoned the idea of making up for the Note 7 fiasco with an S Pen-enabled Galaxy S8, although the writing accessory will likely come as an option, not a built-in standard add-on. If this bold and somewhat confusing prototype ultimately receives the green light, that is.

Still, that probably doesn’t mean next fall’s Galaxy Note 8 is dead, especially if the S8 ends up skipping exciting stuff like an under-glass fingerprint reader, totally bezelless screen or dual rear-facing camera setup.

Meanwhile, a separate and slightly more reliable inside source predicts that Viv-based “Bixby” intelligent assistant will work “system-wide”, taking voice commands across a bunch of native TouchWiz apps, including the pre-loaded Gallery.

So much for Google supposedly forbidding Samsung to build a direct competitor for the search giant’s own new voice-activated AI assistant.

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