No dual rear camera for Samsung Galaxy S8 after all, Weibo tipster foretells

If you pay attention to every single wild rumor making the early rounds as far as Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8 upgrades are concerned, the two 2017 flagship devices may as well not require sequels for a good few years.

But we know better than to expect all the hot new features built into this next generation of spotlight-hogging Android and iOS powerhouses. They’ll definitely change a couple of things about their predecessors, possibly in a radical way, but it’s always wise of OEMs to keep one or two aces up the sleeve.

Case in point, we’re now hearing word of a prospective Samsung dual camera adoption delay until 2018 or at least H2 2017. That’s right, a Weibo tipster, albeit not a particularly credible one, believes the Galaxy S8 will “continue to adhere to the single-camera war.” Presumably, before the S9 or perhaps Note 8 finally dabble in the whole bokeh/telephoto/optical zoom/3D functionality game.

It’s important to remember however that some past rumors called for an iPhone 7 Plus-like GS8 strategy, and maybe this fresh gossip lends more credence to the dual-model theory, with curved screens all around, and cam technology separation.

In other words, it’s still possible the 6.2-inch or so Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, minimal bezels and all, will double down on rear-facing snappers. Then again, virtually anything is possible, really.

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