Samsung Galaxy S8 could scrap home button, pick up a side AI key instead, and debut in April

While normally smartphone manufacturers resent premature spillage of classified or tentative information on future flagship releases, Samsung may well be fueling the Galaxy S8 speculation fire itself to bury Note 7 scandals as fast and as deep as possible.

Practically confirmed to make use of a vastly improved Siri-like digital assistant service dubbed Viv, the Korean tech behemoth’s “next big thing” could go so far as to feature a physical button dedicated solely to AI interaction.

Early prototypes currently in development reportedly include such a key to one of their side edges, though the super-reliable publication exclusively breaking the story today emphasizes the designs “aren’t final and could change.”

What’s particularly intriguing is a separate, way less credible source anticipates the death of the classical home button, with Samsung likely to follow in Apple’s footsteps, but mainly for screen bezel-slimming purposes.

Speaking of the alleged Galaxy S8 screen, we’re still unsure exactly how much of the front panel it will take up, but the oft-rumored 4K, aka Ultra HD, resolution upgrade may ultimately be delayed, as Samsung looks to cut costs, deeming a 2K pixel count perfectly acceptable for 2017 standards, including for high-res VR viewing.

Last but not least, we’re again hearing word of thorough quality control and Note 7 investigations pushing back the GS8 launch and announcement all the way to April. Let’s hope it’s worth the wait.

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