Waiting to see if the Galaxy Note 7 is indeed still not safe to use? Why not just call it quits on Samsung’s problematic latest flagship phone, and give the company a few more months to try to redeem itself with a spectacular “next big thing?”

A likely 4K curved display-sporting Galaxy S8, that is, with Daydream VR certification, Snapdragon 830 processing power, and surprise, surprise, no right, left, top or bottom bezels. While we haven’t heard much chatter until now on such a radical design and functionality change, we’ll be honest, today’s ETNews speculative report is no shocker.

After all, the 2017 iPhone 8/7s could go the all-glass, “full-screen” construction route as well, and guess who’s widely expected to be supplying the OLED panels? Bingo, Samsung, which will continue to rely heavily on component businesses to offset any past, present and future Note 7 recall-yielded losses.

Speaking of, that super-advanced 10nm Qualcomm SD830 SoC is rumored to be manufactured by Samsung too, in addition to an Exynos 8895 tipped to power “half” of Galaxy S8 units to be sold worldwide starting March, not February or January. Another unsurprising “revelation”, by the way, as big hardware upgrades take time.

Keep in mind that a total removal of screen borders would also entail the disappearance of the physical home button, plus fingerprint recognition baked directly into the glass. Then you have a pair of likely separated 16 and 8MP cameras expected to be plastered on Galaxy S8’s back instead of a single 30-megapixel unit. What more could you wish for?

Source: ETNews

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