Switch to Cricket by March 29, and you can get a half-off Samsung Galaxy S8

Another day, another sweet deal on one of Samsung’s crazy popular 2017 flagship phones in anticipation of Sunday’s announcement of the first (two) 2018 Galaxy hero devices. Make that today’s second deal, as Cricket Wireless closely follows the chaebol’s own US e-store with a pretty irresistible Galaxy S8 discount.

Namely, you can get a whopping 50 percent off the 5.8-incher’s list price by March 29… if you meet certain conditions. You need to switch a number from a carrier other than AT&T, sign up to a qualifying plan setting you back a minimum of $30 a month, and pay an in-store activation fee of no more than $25.

The half-off promo is only valid online, and it “may not be combinable with certain” other “offers, discounts, or credits.” Normally available at $699.99, the “regular” Samsung Galaxy S8 costs just $349.99 with a port-in and a prepaid plan including at least 2GB “high-speed” data.

Keep in mind that Cricket Wireless has two types of unlimited plans, fetching $55 and $60 a month with max download speeds of 3 and 8 Mbps respectively. Both can get a “high-speed” tethering allotment of 8GB in exchange for an additional $10, and video streaming is also capped at “SD quality” on the cheaper service tier.

As for the Galaxy S8, available from Cricket in Midnight Black only, it’s perhaps needless to highlight why it’s such a killer bargain at 350 bucks. In short, aside from Oreo a newer processor, it still has everything going for it.

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