Early Galaxy S8 speculation is about to come full circle, as we’re still anywhere between three and six months away from the “next big thing’s” unpacking, and insiders are already starting to run out of ultra-high-end technologies they can reasonably expect us to buy as possible S7 upgrades and Note 7 redemption plays.

Before we hear the same gossip echoed over and over again, the obligatory “3D Touch” report has earlier today surfaced in Korean media, with “an official of a Samsung supplier” unsurprisingly claiming the world’s largest smartphone vendor is “mulling to adopt the force technology partially from the S8.”

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying Samsung isn’t in fact exploring such an option. And it may well materialize in the spring. But that’s mostly because it makes sense, as does “mulling” a virtually borderless Galaxy S8 screen with 4K resolution, dual camera setup, deep voice integration, up to 8GB RAM, and so on and so forth.

Only time will tell how many of these breakthroughs are deemed commercially-ready in March or April, and which ones might be shelved until the Note 8 or S9 roll out.

3D Touch or Force Touch is of course something Apple has aggressively advertised of late as a key iPhone and MacBook selling point, with Huawei among the first OEMs to also test out pressure sensitive multi-touch tech.

Samsung apparently has the resources and know-how to develop compatible displays in-house, likely looking to bring force touch tricks to more than select flagship models in just a few years.

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