Rear-fitted Samsung Galaxy S8 fingerprint reader, LG-supplied Note 8 battery now rumored

Will Samsung pull out all the stops in a few months to make the Galaxy S8 everything the ill-fated Note 7 was supposed to be, and then some? Maybe not, considering the obvious time constraints yielded by the prolonged safety investigation with no publicly disclosed conclusion as of yet.

Of course, you have to imagine the “next big thing” will indeed accommodate iris recognition technology, shave off screen bezels close to the point of total inconspicuousness, and probably take up Harman-powered stereo speakers too.

But the jury, aka unpopular tipsters and leaksters around the world, is still out on cutting-edge stuff like an autofocus front camera, dual rear shooters, and so-called “Under-Glass” fingerprint reading. Even if the physical home button is out of the equation, the chaebol could opt for a similarly “conventional” scanner positioned on the back of the dual-curved next-gen flagship phone.

Meanwhile, Samsung is separately forecasted to, well, eat crow and secure the services of a bitter rival for non-hazardous battery production and furnishment, but only as far as next fall’s Galaxy Note 8 is concerned.

It’s thus possible the Galaxy S8’s cells will still be supplied by traditional partners Samsung SDI and ATL (Amperex Technology Limited), with LG Group-subsiding LG Chem entering the key component provider lineup shortly thereafter. So, yeah, maybe limit your game-changing S8 expectations for now.

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