No, it looks like the Galaxy S8 rumor extravaganza is not over yet. And there’s even something new to report out of Korea, as biometric security may include a grand total of three layers on Samsung’s next big thing, with facial recognition joining a now commonplace fingerprint reader and that iris scanner the ill-fated Note 7 brought down with it.

The concept of “face unlock” on Android phones is of course as old as time Ice Cream Sandwich, but Google’s stock OS execution was never great, and we’re guessing the Samsung Galaxy S8 has larger goals anyway.

You might be able to not just unlock the S8 and S8+ by merely looking at the flagship handsets (in “less than 0.01 seconds”, by the way), but also authorize payments and sign up to various online accounts and services, most likely in combination with a traditional password or one of the other biometric technologies for additional security.

We know, there are so many things that could go wrong on so many levels, but worst case scenario, you’ll simply not use the feature if you’re not comfortable with it or it doesn’t work very smoothly. Best case scenario, another prospective iPhone 8 selling point is nipped in the bud (pre-bud?), and at a significantly lower retail cost.

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