New high-res Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge case renders crop up, missing home button

When it rains, it pours. But exactly how much attention should we be paying to a predictable flood of so-called “leaks” from various mobile device accessory manufacturers no doubt seeking free publicity off people’s interest in Samsung’s “next big thing”?

Let’s just say that, while we can’t be certain these fresh new case renders are the real deal, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them turn out very similar to the commercial Galaxy S8. Or Galaxy S8 Edge, as a flat-screened model dubbed simply S8 is still on the table, with that S8 Plus moniker then possibly out of contention.

It’s worth highlighting that Olixar, the UK-based company behind the purported “Ultra-Thin” and “FlexiShield” Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge cases revealed today, helped us envision the Galaxy Note 7 back when its design was still in the works, “guessing” an impressive slew of the S Pen phablet’s final visual characteristics.

This time, we’re shown a dual-curved phone with way slimmer screen bezels than ever before, no physical home button, a standard single rear-facing camera, as well as a repositioned cutout for an LED flash and heart rate monitor. Alas, it’s impossible to tell if there’s a headphone jack in tow or not, while the iris scanner could go missing too. Oh, and the lock screen features an artsy-looking number 8. This paints a very plausible picture overall, don’t you think?

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