Samsung Galaxy S8 crushes every pre-order record ever registered in Korea

So you thought the LG G6 was a massive domestic hit, with 40,000 units pre-ordered after a measly four days of wide Korean availability? Of course Samsung totally obliterated that number, as well as early pre-sales results posted by the Galaxy S7 duo and last fall’s ill-fated Note 7.

In fact, local press claims the Galaxy S8 is the most successful smartphone ever released in Samsung’s homeland, at least so far, looking set to cross a million pre-orders after racking up 550,000 in just two days.

That’s right, 550,000 people have already committed to buying a Galaxy S8 or S8+ as soon as they’re actually out next week, with demand shared evenly between the two variants. In comparison, the GS7 and S7 Edge scored a combined 100,000 pre-orders within 48 hours of their kick-off, and the Note 7 reached 200K in the same interval, needing close to two more weeks to double that figure.

Long story short, financial analysts are proven correct expecting a record-breaking second quarter for Samsung, not to mention a total of around 50 million unit sales for the Galaxy S8 by the end of the year. No words yet on pre-order numbers stateside or across other key markets worldwide, but something tells us they’re similarly impressive.

After all, the only difference between Korea and the rest of the world is a 6GB RAM/128GB ROM configuration, which by the way is apparently “getting a good response.”

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