Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Bixby assistant could even perform visual searches

Whether Google likes it or not (probably, not), Samsung is reportedly still working on building as many neat features as possible into its very own intelligent personal assistant for future Galaxy S8 users.

There might be different “characters” with gender-specific voices and names in the pipeline for Viv-based AI technology, and both Bixby and Kestra should easily handle payments, at least on the web, work their magic across various native apps, as well as provide real-time searches of objects and text in images.

Since Google has experimented with similar capabilities in recent years (Goggles and Translate immediately come to mind), this new Galaxy S8-centric rumor appears to add fuel to the speculated discord fire.

Of course, until checking out Samsung’s next-gen flagship phone in the flesh, and taking Bixby for a spin, it’s hard to say if it’s indeed made of Pixel and Google Assistant-beating material. On paper, it all sounds pretty sweet, with optical character recognition technically helping Bixby “process any text you point the phone at.” Names, places, objects, landmarks and other stuff like that will be analyzed and identified in a matter of seconds, if current plans come to pass.

Oh, and apparently, Bixby is due for an expansion to a “new Note device” later in the year after an exclusive Galaxy S8/S8 Plus debut, eyeing mid-range phone support too… over time.

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