Another possible major Samsung Galaxy S8 upgrade previewed – autofocus front camera

While Samsung probably never considered “more than 10” Galaxy S8 prototypes, or at least narrowed the choice down to a handful of variants already, possibly all dual-edged and slim-bezeled, you should still expect a number of rumored features in late testing to not make the cut.

As always, the Korean company’s “next big thing” is said to integrate every hot new technology around, including those not yet ready for primetime, which is why it’s wise to be prepared for a few disappointments and some lack of progress here and there.

That said, a front-facing camera flaunting autofocus functionality is certainly within the realms of possibility for next spring’s Samsung Galaxy S8. After all, the selfie craze isn’t showing signs of slowing, and the past couple of Galaxy S generations have come with rather average 5MP “secondary” snappers in tow.

A megapixel upgrade to 8, 12 or even 16 is long overdue, but most importantly, self-portrait addicts would sure love a few of the rear cam’s tricks replicated on the front. Like Dual Pixel technology, improved low-light performance with larger 1.4µm pixels, and especially a “revolutionary” autofocus advertised on the GS7’s main shooter as “so incredibly fast and seamless that even the most sudden movements are caught in the act, even when the light starts to fade.”

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