Samsung to stage NYC Galaxy S8 Unpacking in April, confirm Note 7 cause of death in January

Caught between a rock and a hard place after the unprecedented Note 7 QA fiasco, Samsung was probably tempted at some point to accelerate Galaxy S8’s R&D process. A January or February 2017 launch could have gone a long way in neutralizing short-term financial losses, but the risks of completely jeopardizing the company’s reputation were reportedly deemed far too high.

Besides, a little extra preparation time might help the “next big thing” stand out from what the Galaxy Note 7 could have been, possibly allowing the chaebol’s engineers to get “all-screen” designs, dual rear cameras and under-glass fingerprint scanners ready for primetime.

No earlier than April, though, fresh word around the water cooler has it, with New York City rumored as the glitzy stage chosen for the tardier-than-usual Galaxy S Unpacking event. That still sounds like an opportune… enough due date, since Apple is bound to follow a traditional roadmap and only unveil the potentially game-changing iPhone 8 in the fall.

Over the coming months, Samsung plans to keep a tight lid on unauthorized Galaxy S8 information spills (best of luck with that), as well as “restore trust” by showing full transparency in regards to the findings of the lengthy Note 7 autopsy. Apparently, the investigation has “already been reviewed internally”, with external agencies expected to weigh in before everything can go public sometime “early next year.” Next month, we presume.

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