Insiders get specific about Samsung Galaxy S8 release timing – April 18

Can’t look away from the fascinating, sometimes excessive, sometimes repetitive CES 2017 spectacle in Las Vegas? If there’s one thing that can draw your attention to other events around the tech world, it’s definitely a new development in Galaxy S8’s (bumpy) road to market.

Don’t worry, there’s probably nothing wrong with Samsung’s “next big thing.” It’s just that Note 7 scandals have made the company extra careful about R&D and especially QA, not to mention it took forever for investigations to reportedly end, an official verdict still being kept under wraps.

Bottom line, nobody’s going to act shocked once again hearing the Galaxy S8 will apparently be moved out of its traditional release slot. But anonymous “industry officials” quoted by Asian media finally get specific about the highly anticipated phone’s rollout, with a commercial debut purportedly slated for April 18.

That’s over a month later than GS7’s launch timing last year, which means the sequel could be “unpacked” as early as the first week of April, or even towards the end of March.

With the LG G6, Xiaomi Mi 6, a couple of next-gen HTC flagships and a few other Snapdragon 835 powerhouses likely due out in February and March, Samsung risks losing high-end H1 2017 precedence. But there are more important things to consider as well.

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