If you’re expecting exciting new intel on Samsung’s “next big thing” following the first few semi-believable visual leaks of sorts, we’re afraid you’ll need to give tipsters, insiders and “industry sources” a little more time.

For now, we keep getting conflicting information on the time and place of the no doubt looming Galaxy S8 “Unpacking” and commercial launch, with the latest chatter from Korea calling for an April 15 debut. That doesn’t completely rule out a “small showcase” at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress in late February, though it’s rarely wise to wait so long for an actual rollout.

April 15, 2017 is a Saturday, mind you, and the Galaxy S7 launched on a Friday last year (March 11), so at least from a planning perspective, this feels slightly more believable than the previously rumored April 18 (a random Tuesday) D-day.

But Samsung may have not even decided yet when the Galaxy S8 will be ready for primetime, so don’t be surprised if you see the date changed again and again over the coming weeks. What’s pretty much guaranteed is the next-gen flagship phone shall follow a trend set by the company’s lower-end releases of late, adopting a vastly improved front-facing camera.

With only 8, not 16, megapixels in tow, but autofocus also included in the equation for selfie quality very close to “normal” photo-capture performance.

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