Samsung drops ‘amethyst’ Galaxy S8 hint, many other paint jobs possible

Die-hard Samsung fans hoping to receive word of “sufficiently attractive selling points” ultimately offered by the Galaxy S8 and S8+ might be sad to see us discussing instead the two’s wide range of prospective color options… once again.

But we’re looking at a major redesign here, with buttons switched around, no more flat-screened model, and especially slimmer bezels than ever, so it’s probably important to get as many different and snazzy paint jobs as possible.

Are seven enough, including gold, silver, bright black, matte black, blue, orchid and pink? Maybe not, since violet was also in the mix at one point. And now we see Samsung slyly teasing an “amethyst” shade in addition to black and silver, with a couple of semi-credible images floating around the Twitterverse to further muddy the waters.

There’s an unofficial high-res teaser of sorts, or perhaps a promotional illustration, featuring Galaxy S8 renders in six colors, ranging from blue (coral?) to orchid (violet?), gold, black, silver and pink. Meanwhile, a fuzzy pic of either the phone’s actual front plates or third-party screen protectors appears to suggest a white flavor is a possibility as well, alongside black, blue, silver, gold and… grey versions?

Basically, an entire rainbow is in the cards, though we’re guessing availability will vary from region to region. Still, there’s probably a Galaxy S8 in the pipeline for everyone.

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