Samsung Galaxy S8 AKG Earbuds Review: Best phone accessory of 2017? (video)

While we get to spend a little extra quality time with both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ before fully and properly reviewing the “Infinity Display” flagship phones, Pocketnow senior editor Juan Carlos Bagnell thought it important to kick off the real-world analysis and conversation with all the necessary audio tests and examinations.

That includes an in-depth look at possibly 2017’s best smartphone accessory offered right out the box at no additional charge over the S8’s already extravagant recommended retail price. It’s a pair of premium AKG earbuds that don’t exactly give off the nicest first impression.

But they’re manufactured by Harman, a high-tech sound specialist recently acquired by Samsung, so you probably know or at least suspect what lies under the sporty design of these wired in-ear headphones.

In a nutshell, very colorful music playback, full bass, bright highs and an all-around great value add-on proposition for an all-around great phone. Of course, if you compare the Galaxy S8’s bundled AKG earphones with others available for $150 or $200 on their own, or the LG V20’s complimentary B&O Play model, you might be left feeling a tad underwhelmed. At the end of the day however, Samsung definitely deserves a thumbs up here.

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