Samsung Galaxy S8 gets TV ad in Korea, fingerprint placement explanation, and battery pictured

Whether the Galaxy S8 will end up commercially launching on April 21 or 28, LG has an important head start on its domestic arch-rival, already converted into encouraging opening weekend sales numbers for the impressive G6.

But Samsung’s counteroffensive is underway, by means of a rare publicity stunt. Namely, it appears the first Galaxy S8 ad aired on domestic TV yesterday, more than two weeks before the smartphone can actually see daylight in London and New York City.

Of course, we’re dealing with a second official teaser video here rather than a full-blown, conventional commercial, though this still says something about the company’s marketing budget and recognition of the competition’s strength. Also, not that it was needed, but we’re further provided confirmation of the Galaxy S8’s super-slim bezels.

Meanwhile, a separate inside report backs up suspicions over the awkward placement of the fingerprint reader. It turns out the initial plan was to embed the sensor into the AMOLED screen, only the technology isn’t ready for primetime yet.

Synaptics purportedly “failed” to develop it “on time”, frustrating Samsung, which poured a lot of resources into helping it get off the ground, now opening the door to both criticism and Apple “innovation” in the biometric authentication field. Yup, the iPhone 8 could still feature an on-screen fingerprint scanner.

Lastly, we should also mention the 3,500 mAh battery capacity of the larger Galaxy S8+ is practically etched in stone now that the actual cell, seemingly manufactured by Samsung SDI, has been pictured and leaked online. Disappointed? Still excited? Thinking of getting the LG G6 instead? Let us know down below.

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