First Samsung Galaxy S8 Active photo reveals flat, rugged S8 design, with no front buttons

From 2013 until last year, it’s been very easy to guess how each new Active derivation of a Samsung Galaxy S flagship would look months before any sort of a visual leak or related press report. Like the standard version, just tougher and equipped with three physical buttons at the front.

But then the S8 came earlier this year and changed the game, almost entirely killing bezels, leaving the obsolete flat screen behind, as well as moving the fingerprint reader to the back, with the traditional home key out of a whole new design equation.

When we heard credible word a Galaxy S8 Active was still headed for AT&T, the first thing we obviously wondered was how exactly would it work? Part of the answer is randomly revealed by the Wireless Power Consortium, an association with leading members including Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC and Verizon.

There’s little doubt we’re looking at an S8 Active, model number SM-G892A, in the flesh here, and indeed, it boldly aims to combine a forward-thinking fashion sense with good old fashioned ruggedness. The screen borders are just slightly thicker than those on the regular S8 or S8+, though in order to improve endurance and shock resistance, especially around the corners, the Galaxy S8 Active adopts a non-“edgy” Super AMOLED panel.

No more buttons on the front either, which means you’ll get another rear-fitted fingerprint scanner to complain about, as well as a worthless (for the time being) side-mounted Bixby launcher.

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