Samsung Video Library is far from the company’s most popular, visible or well-reviewed Play Store title, but for a few fleeting moments, it’s in the spotlight like never before. That’s because the app’s latest update has just brought to the table support for a number of unreleased Android devices in addition to a generic “bug fix.”

Not that we needed further confirmation the Galaxy S8 Active, aka “Cruiser US AT&T”, is real and coming soon to, well, AT&T. With a flat screen, possibly a weird-sounding (and looking) pixel count and aspect ratio, as well as otherwise identical specs to the standard GS8.

Of course, ruggedness and extra-robustness should be the “Cruiser’s” key selling points… eventually, while the Galaxy J7 Reloaded and Galaxy Tab A2 S also revealed in Samsung Video Library’s recent changelog are unfortunately much harder puzzles to solve.

With an SM-J701F model number, the J7 Reloaded sounds humbler than the J7 (2016), aka SM-J710, and only slightly higher-end than the original, 2015-launched J7 (SM-J700). The obvious question is why would anyone be interested in something like that today, although maybe, if priced correctly, this mystery Galaxy J7 Reloaded could prove successful in emerging markets.

As for the Tab A2 S, we’re guessing that it’s supposed to improve on last year’s 7 or 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab A, but what’s up with the S appendix? Any relation to the premium Tab S family? We’ll probably find out soon enough.

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