Samsung Galaxy S8 now rumored to be 90 percent screen, fully borderless phones coming in a few years

A tech giant of Samsung’s stature obviously has more than one way to rebound after its worst mobile quarter in nearly eight years, but even if it were to secure all of Apple’s orders for 2017 iPhone OLED screen deliveries, the Galaxy S8 is still its highest stakes bet in the short term.

There’s clearly a lot riding on the “next big thing”, and not just because it’ll follow an unprecedented quality control fiasco. You also have to consider the enduring popularity and excellence of the GS7 and S7 Edge, with Samsung needing to tread carefully in seeking to strike the right balance between legacy honoring and an eye-catching major redesign.

Said redesign could see the Galaxy S8 almost entirely give up screen bezels, although according to a Samsung Display researcher and engineer, phones with over 99 percent display area ratio remain a few years away.

Park Won-sang claims “Samsung Display would roll out a full-screen display whose display area ratio reaches more than 90 percent next year”, avoiding however to confirm whether the S8 will indeed go after the Xiaomi Mi MIX on a much larger scale in the spring, or if “almost all sensors, such as the fingerprint sensor” shall only be built “under the screen” of the Galaxy Note 8 next fall.

Another great breakthrough tipped by a different Samsung Display employee would apparently yield a bendable VR device with a flexible OLED panel that “can be bent to cover a user’s eyes completely.” Sounds very tricky to mass-manufacture anytime soon, but VR hardware competition is rapidly heating up, so R&D acceleration might feel imperative.

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